Saturday, May 23, 2015

Medium term to-do

I keep my life organized through a well-maintained to-do list and itinerary.  If it weren't for my to-do list I'd constantly be forgetting stuff I needed to get done.  But sometimes I end up with these things that I feel like I want to do, but I'm not sure when I want to get to them, so they get perpetually pushed down on the list.  I had some of those tasks that had been in the "medium-term" list for literally a year.

Tonight I just deleted that page from my notebook.  I'm never going to do any of those things; I was just deluding myself into thinking that someday I'd get around to them.  But I never will.  There will always more more interesting or productive or necessary things to occupy my time than anything on that list.

It felt good.  Really good.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


I'm gonna write something that isn't about music one of these days.  But for now...

Imagine Dragons—Smoke and Mirrors: 9/10
Highs: I Bet My Life, Friction, Polaroid
Surprisingly great, with a wide range of styles from hard to hipster to sure-this-isn't-Coldplay?

Emeli Sandé—Our Version of Events: 7/10
Highs: Next to Me, My Kind of Love, Maybe
A few really great tracks, a couple good ones, and a bunch of slow R&B that doesn't grab me.

Mali Music—Mali Is...: 6/10
Highs: I Believe, Royalty, Make It
[See notes for previous album.]

Chiddy Bang—Peanut Butter and Swelly: 5/10
Highs: All Over featuring Gordon Voidwell
It's a free mixtape, and as such it doesn't have the same level of quality or polish as their more recent music, but about half of it is decent.

Afrojack—Forget the World: 3/10
Highs: The Spark featuring Spree Wilson, Three Strikes
A couple tracks shine out through the generic garbage.

Highs: Run, Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)
Way too many weird ideas that probably could have been refined into something great, but don't fit together musically as recorded.

Magic!—Don't Kill the Magic: 7/10
Highs: Rude, Stupid Me, No Way No
Finally, reggae music for white people!

Outasight—Nights like These: 5/10
Highs: Shine featuring Chiddy, I'll Drink to That, Let's Go
Frat party soundtrack.

Singles worth getting:
(either an album isn't out yet, or I didn't like the other tracks on the album)
Janelle Monáe and Jidenna—Yoga: fantastic, pop-R&B
B.o.B and Trey Songz—Not for Long: fantastic, pop-rap
Doug Locke—#ThisCouldBeUs: fantastic, catchy summer pop
Kid Cudi—Return of the Moon Man (Original Score): fantastic, electronic instrumental
Rob Cantor—All I Need Is You: very good, ballad...?
Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars—Uptown Funk: very good; don't pretend you're not sick of it yet
Kanye West—Black Skinhead: very good, rap
Kid Cudi and Raphael Saadiq—Balmain Jeans: good, mystery-genre
Pharrell Williams—Marilyn Monroe: good, pop
Matt Palmer—Lovesick: good, cheesy pop
Taylor Swift—We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together: good, pop

Albums that didn't make the cut:
Sarah Brightman—Dreamchaser (sounds like an album of bad covers, because it is)
Kendrick Lamar—To Pimp a Butterfly (too hard to listen to, same thing I thought about his previous album)
St. Vincent—St. Vincent (too annoying to love)
Meghan Trainor—Title (actually pretty good, but I can't really see myself wanting to own it long-term... might reconsider)
Olatunji—Drums of Passion
Elle King—Love Stuff