Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hand slap game

After returning from my flight to Ontario for my brother's wedding yesterday, my boyfriend Scott took me to a restaurant I love near home.  A minute or so after we were seated, I was startled when a table nearby shook loudly and a woman let out a shriek.  Then a minute later it happened again.  I looked back and saw that there was a young couple playing the "hand slap" game—you know, where one person puts their palms out facing up, and the other person puts their hands on top of the first person's hands facing down, and the face-up person tries to slap the back of the face-down person's hands before they can pull them away.  They continued playing throughout the entire time we were waiting on our food, and I was becoming extremely annoyed.  In lieu of actually stabbing them with my fork, or dropping a stack of heavy menus on their table, I had decided that the best course of action was just to walk over to their table and give them a death glare.  Scott suggested that it would be more effective if he went since he's black and therefore more intimidating.

But around that time, they got their food and we did as well, so I didn't give any death glares.  And they continued playing the game throughout the meal, with the slaps becoming more frequent and significantly louder.  Then she yelled out a word—I don't know; "shit!" or something—and we realized that she had Tourette's.  They weren't playing the hand slap game; the guy was holding her hands to calm her and prevent her from hurting herself and damaging things.

So that's how you make an awkward situation even more awkward.  But at least I never threw menus at her.

(Updated to clarify that I didn't actually go over to their table, though I got pretty close to it.)

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