Friday, January 24, 2014


Over the past year or so it's become more and more apparent to me that I don't really have much of a way to tell when I'm sick.  Almost all of the standard cold symptoms are things that I have frequently or every day.
  • Headache—I have headaches all day every day, so this is not a useful indicator at all.
  • Body ache—I work out four or five times a week, so my body pretty much always hurts all over.
  • Tiredness—I am bad at sleeping and I work out, so I'm tired all over most of the time.
  • Fever—My head (especially around the eyes) usually feels like it's burning, and that feeling frequently extends to the rest of my body.
  • Stuffy nose—Allergies.
Generally the only way that I can tell if I'm actually sick is if I start feeling like I'm cold for no discernible reason, which is probably already a couple days after the point at which I should have been staying home and drinking plenty of fluids.  On the upside, since I never know if I'm sick or not, I never really have to use my sick days!

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