Friday, April 12, 2013

An entire morning spent just waking up

Months ago I resolved to stop getting on Facebook in the mornings, and start the day productively and earlier.  This has not happened yet.  I think the problem is that when I wake up I'm very groggy and disoriented.  I don't feel like I have the mental capacity to prepare for the day yet, so I sit and absently browse Facebook while I stretch and clear my eyes and wake my brain up.  At some point while clicking the various links that people shared I'm awake enough that I could start getting ready for my day, but at that point I'm already completely distracted, because I am very easily distracted in general and my friends post interesting things.  Once I finally pull myself out of endless browsing, I go through my work email to see if anything important has already happened, and inevitably there are things that need my attention there.  By the time that's done my brain is mostly "lit up," and now I'm remembering the things I need to do today, coming up with new ideas, and the like.  Those things need to be written down or I'll forget them later, so I start writing them down, and that generates new ideas.  By the time it's all done it can be 90 minutes of my day already taken up by the process of getting up.  It's not all 90 minutes of wasted time, since a lot of it is stuff I needed to do at some point anyway, or remembering things I needed to remember to do, but it still makes me feel like an entire morning spent just waking up.

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