Sunday, January 6, 2013

A new year

I guess this is my new year's post.  Happy new year!

I always start a December vacation with a list of stuff that I want to get done, and then by the end of my vacation I've gotten basically nothing done, finished something else, and my to-do list is longer than it was at the beginning of the vacation.  This year was no exception.

Well okay, maybe it's not fair to say that I got basically nothing done.  I actually got quite a lot done—finished up an emergency personal project that isn't interesting enough to describe here (that was the bulk of my time by far), nearly finished Borderlands 2, broke my keyboard, had my keyboard fixed... just not a lot of what I intended to.  I'd ask for another week or two off to finish all of the remaining stuff, but if this trend continued, I'd just end that week or two with even more to do.

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