Monday, October 29, 2012


Perhaps you've noticed, or perhaps you haven't, but I haven't posted much of anything in a couple months.  Part of that was work, and recently it's been World of Warcraft, and also because I've been working on writing something else and I haven't felt like also writing blog posts.  But here's a summary of what's new with me if you've been curious.

I've got a boyfriend.  We've been together for a little under half of a year, after meeting during Epic Weekend.  I don't really expect to write a whole lot about him because he's a pretty private person, but he's a swell guy.  So just don't take a lack of posting for a lack of interest, I guess.  We've got a long-distance relationship going on for the next several months, which is something I really didn't want to get into, but I decided I would tolerate because he's a neat fella and all.  But yes, if you're curious, that sucks a lot.  At the very least it gives me a lot of time to myself, which is something that I like, but it's a little too much time to myself, "read between the lines here."

I shipped a product!  For a little over a year I was working on the new version of OneNote, one of the Windows 8 / Surface launch apps.  It's pretty slick, and it's definitely the coolest thing that I've worked on professionally.  I want to get into a little more detail about it at some later point, but in short I wrote the notebook organization features and made it so that you can slide the app left and right with your finger (if you have a touchscreen) to access them.

Get it free here if you have Windows 8, a Surface, or any Windows RT device:
OneNote in the Windows Store

Finally, the latest excuse I'll use for why I haven't been writing much here is that I actually have been writing a decent amount, just not here.  I've been writing a story for a game.  I don't know if I'll ever attempt to build the game (I'd love to, but I already have so many projects going on...), but I'm having a lot of fun designing it and writing the characters and the story for it.  I'm not usually one for writing fiction but for some reason or another this is really relaxing and inspiring.

Anyway, that's the quick synopsis of what's new with me.


Unknown said...

Congrats on OneNote. I actually just installed that last week!

Also, I totally hear you on the distance thing. It sucks.

Travis said...

Thanks! Let me know if you run into any issues with the pane on the left, and I can tell you how we were aware of that issue but decided to prioritize something else instead.