Monday, April 16, 2012

Thanksgiving in April: Jenifer Dugdale

Ms. Dugdale was my freshman high school English teacher.  I don't think I learned anything in her class.  That's not her fault; I chose her class because it would be really easy, and boy was I right.  No; thanks, Ms. Dugdale, for playing Enya's album Watermark during class one day.  I consider Enya to be one of my favorite artists now.  I went out and bought all of Enya's CDs, making those four discs a sizable fraction of my entire music collection at that point in my life, and I listened to them ad nauseum.  (My mom complained more than once about this, and insisted I listen to something more appropriate, like KISS or Genesis.)  I don't know if it's because of how she layers the instrumentation, or because many of the tracks are simple, or just because she has a really beautiful voice, or just because I only had a few CDs in my collection, but I relentlessly analyzed that music.  I'd always enjoyed music, but for some reason or another Enya taught me to really appreciate music, so thanks Ms. Dugdale for introducing me to Enya.

(Okay, I did learn something in her class.  During Romeo and Juliet I learned that "wherefore" doesn't learn "where."  That knowledge came in handy in the OkCupid dating survey.)

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Lindsey said...

I never learned that about R&J...I had to look it up. :( But I blame crappy actresses for that.