Monday, November 14, 2011

I'd be all like whoosh

I daydream a lot.  One of the things I daydream about pretty frequently, especially as I'm walking or driving, is what it would be like if I could teleport.  This is usually the way my thought process works:
  • Traveling sucks.  I wish I could teleport.
  • Oh man that would be sweet.  I'd be all like whoosh (I imagine the visual effect of the teleportation).
  • If I could teleport, I'd be rich.  I could quit my job and just stay at home and play [game I've purchased most recently] all day.
So basically my daydreams of having superpowers always end up with me staying at home and playing video games rather than becoming a crime-fighting superhero.

1 comment:

Charlie P said...

That's ok, spiderman planned to use his superpowers to become a pro wrestler. Fate had other plans.