Wednesday, June 22, 2011

British birds

I'm back from a week-long vacation in New York. I wrote a few posts on my phone while I was there about thoroughly unimportant crap that I thought I'd share. Here's the first:

* * * * *

Things are different here in New York. Or technically, Newark. Naming your city Newark next to a city named New York seems sort of like those low-budget lookalike DVDs like Transmorphers and the non-Disney version of Aladdin, meant to ensnare clueless grandmothers buying gifts and trick them into horribly disappointing their grandchildren on their birthdays and Christmas.

Anyway, hotels are different here: humans not the only visitors. There are some pretty chatty birds that like to hang out outside our window at 2:00am at night. The only justification for birds chirping at that hour is if they're from the UK and they haven't gotten over their bird-lag. I wish them a pleasant vacation and hope that they STFU.

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