Monday, April 18, 2011


In case you're curious where I've been, I've been playing video games pretty prolifically recently.  It's just that a lot of top stuff that I'd been waiting on is all converging at the beginning of this year for some reason or another, and, well, I have my priorities straight.

In one sentence...
  • Bulletstorm is awesome fun for anyone who thinks that their first-person shooters are getting a little too serious.
  • Crysis 2 is not as good as the first Crysis but it looks spectacular, the combat is still interesting, and it's very cinematic.
  • Dragon Age 2 starts off pretty terrible and then becomes rather good with an unconventional story for a fantasy RPG—but it's still obsessed with BLOOODDDD MAAAGGGIC.
  • Hoard is a fun, light co-op game.
  • I don't know what everyone's complaining about with Civilization V; I thought it was perfectly amusing.
  • Might and Magic Clash of Heroes is really fantastic, and anyone who enjoyed Puzzle Quest is going to love it.
  • You Don't Know Jack is back, and it's even better than it was in the past.
  • Red Alert 3 Uprising is mediocre: it has similar high production quality to the original game, but many of the missions don't seem to be particularly clever.
  • I can't believe I put seven hours into The Witcher before I fully realized just how terrible it is.
Oh yeah, and Portal 2 is coming out in like twenty-four hours.

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