Sunday, February 13, 2011

What it feels like to be elderly

I injured my back a few weeks ago while lifting weights, and it's been bothering me on and off again since then.  It was really, really bad for the first couple days: I couldn't bend over or twist my back at all, and sitting down and standing up was a challenge.  I hurt myself on Tuesday and was feeling pretty fine by the next Saturday, but now it's been three weeks and I can still feel a little bit of it.  Supposedly it takes at least four weeks to completely heal, and the doctor tested me in myriad ways and is certain I didn't do any permanent damage, so nothing's out of the ordinary just yet.  But I imagine that was roughly what it feels like to be elderly—grunting and sighing every time I sat down or stood up for those first couple days, dreading the next time I had to get up to go pee.

Can't wait.

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