Monday, January 17, 2011

Sensors wired to your body

I had a sleep study done at the end of last year on the insistence of my neurologist.  I'd heard they were awful, but what could be more fun than sleeping in a lab with thirty sensors wired to your body under constant supervision of night vision cameras?  Anyway, the results came back negative for any noteworthy sleep disorders.  I kick my legs more than is typical during the night, but my breathing and heart rate and all of my other vitals were normal.  I snored that night, but that might have been due to a stuffy nose that day and the world's most ironically uncomfortable bed.

So with sleep disorders crossed off the list, I'm having an MRI of my head and neck taken in a week or so.  I've never had one of those before either, so I'm sure that will be yet another fantastic, joyful experience.  I'm also completely off caffeine at this point—not even a little bit.  I don't actually care about the caffeine, but being banned from it is annoying for two reasons: first, restaurants don't serve much that's caffeine-free besides water, and water with a meal is just depressing.  And second, Coke Zero doesn't come in a caffeine-free version, and I'd mostly switched over to that from Diet Coke.  So, I'm hating that.

I'm also on the maximum dosage of my medication.  I'm starting to notice the side effects, the most obnoxious of which is weight gain.  I've put on a few pounds.  The decreased metabolism also means I'm more tired than usual.

All that and I'm still having headaches at least every other day—before, it was pretty rare that I'd have a headache that persisted through the ibuprofen.  I'm still holding onto hope that all these tests and trials will figure something out.

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