Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Whatever, I'm not the brain doctor

One of the more disconcerting things about the doctor visits I've had regarding my headaches is how each doctor has told me very different things about my headaches.  Among the things my doctors have not agreed on include: whether or not I have migraines, whether or not it is okay long-term to take ibuprofen all day every day, whether or not the headaches are related to caffeine, whether or not they're related to exercise, whether they're a symptom of dehydration, and so on.  Just about the only things that come to mind that they can agree on is that they might be caused by a sleep disorder, and that it's probably not worthwhile to have a head scan.

Right now my new doctor (replacing my old one because his receptionist is intolerably unresponsive and unpleasant) has me on a drug to deaden my pain while I get off of ibuprofen entirely again.  I've done this before, and it didn't work, but he thinks that after at least a month without ibuprofen, my pain will be lessened significantly.  The new replacement drug (an antidepressant) is a bit more effective than the one that the last doctor prescribed (an anti-seizure drug), but by this afternoon I was in quite a bit of pain again and it's distracting enough that I can no longer really concentrate on anything.  I've got vicodin to make up the difference.  That's right, he gave me vicodin to cure me of a dependence on a pain killer.  I'm having Requiem for a Dream flashbacks.  But whatever, I'm not the brain doctor.

So I guess I'll be seeing how that works out shortly.  It's either that or stare blankly at the wall for the rest of the evening after I lose the ability to think straight.  (I could also go fishing in WoW, which requires approximately the same mental engagement as staring blankly at the wall.)


Anonymous said...

FYI Diet Coke gives me mad headaches. Diet soda of any sort, actually. I get used to it after a while though, as in it doesn't give me headaches anymore. Who knows, you might give abstinence a try and find it helps with weight loss, too.

Travis said...

Tried that too, for a couple weeks. It was awful, and it didn't change my headaches. Just made me sad.