Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reading my mind and the mind of everyone else

For the past few months it's become more and more painfully obvious just how fractured communication is for me these days.  I already have people I talk to through AIM, people that use Facebook chat, people I only email, people who only respond to Facebook messages, and even a few people I have to actually call.  Now I have people who want text messages, which actually probably encompasses some of the above people and I've just been avoiding it because my old phone is terrible and it takes an eternity to text on it.  I think texting is what made it really obvious for me: I have way too many communication methods, none of them work together, and I have to remember which people want what.  It's starting to drive me nuts.

I'd resolved to write a post about it today, and then out of the blue this week Facebook announced a new service they're building that's supposed to somehow combine IM, email, texting, and Facebook messages into a single entity, as if they'd somehow been reading my mind and the mind of everyone else who's desperately sick of it all.  I'm curious as to how well it will all work out.  I really want something like that to work out.  I'd really love it if I could text or AIM or Facebook chat with people from either my phone or any of my computers and not have to care about which one of those things I'm doing, and easily start a conversation on one and pick it up on another.  That would be pretty amazing, actually.

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