Sunday, November 7, 2010


I don't know what it is exactly: either the medicine that I'm taking, or just the effect of being off ibuprofen now, but I've been having a terrible time focusing on anything after eight or nine or so this past week.  The past couple days, though, I haven't been worrying too much about my calorie intake, and I've been mostly fine.  It seems that I can choose to either work on my headaches or my weight, but not both at the same time, lest my body collapse under the stress.  A few nights ago I was feeling like I could barely move, and I couldn't type or really think of anything other than just sitting and watching 30 Rock with Jason.  It was sort of like how I feel with the flu, but without the other symptoms.  It was strange and unsettling.  Certainly my body has been under stress before, whether it be school, or work, or workouts, but this was a new feeling.

This weekend I upped my calorie intake and I've been feeling mostly okay.  I'll see how this goes.

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