Thursday, October 14, 2010

Make me want to slap you hard across the face

When I worked at the deli (Russ's Market on 66th and O, Lincoln, NE), some of the people I hated the most were the people who thought that they were clever and then got angry when they found out that they weren't. Every time we would have the 8-piece fried chicken on sale for eight bucks, a few people would come in thinking they were brilliant and ask for eight chicken breasts. I'd tell them that the special was for two of each type of piece and you couldn't substitute, and then they'd get angry as if they (and only they) had discovered this super-secret loophole and I would be obligated to give them the deal they thought they were getting. (Wings were 79¢ and breasts were $1.69, so obviously we wouldn't substitute breasts in place of wings.)

Hand-battering chicken was already the worst, and when it was on sale we'd need someone (that would be me) doing it pretty much non-stop. Asking for a ridiculous deal on top of the sale price is how you make me want to slap you hard across the face.

But at least working there helped train my anger management skills.

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