Friday, July 23, 2010


I went to see a neurologist about the headaches I've been having for the past few years.  His hope was that my headaches at this point are actually just a "rebound" response to having been on ibuprofen for so long—being on ibuprofen is my normal state, so when I'm not taking it, I'm worse off than normal.  So, for a little longer than a week I've been off it, for the most part, only having a couple when my head's been hurting really badly.  He gave me some prescription seizure medicine that's supposed to make my headaches less "spiky," but not actually eliminate the pain, and I've been taking that.

So far, no luck.  I feel terrible all the time, and I've been absolutely miserable since then.  The medication he's given me does nothing or next to nothing, and without the ibuprofen my pounding, burning head makes it nearly impossible to be productive.  I've doubled the dosage (yes, Mom, with doctor permission) and haven't noticed any difference.  I'm going to continue taking the pills until my samples run out a day or two before I leave for vacation, and at that point, assuming no real improvement, I'm back to ibuprofen, unless he prescribes something new.

As a treatment option, "just be in constant distracting pain for the next couple weeks and see if that fixes things," sucks.

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Louise said...

*hug* I'm sorry to hear this. I can't imagine this helping at all. I hope one day you find someone who can help with this constant pain. :(