Friday, June 11, 2010

Mildly delicious

Weight loss progress has been really slow for me lately. I'm still losing weight, but not very quickly. It's just so hard to lose weight when you're only giving it 90%. I think that I need to go back to putting all my effort into it, and that'll probably be easier now that Jason is off school for the summer. He and I have been trying to eat more healthy, and I think that him being home more frequently will eliminate some of the excuses that I've been making when I've cheated and eaten something mildly delicious, which is of course a no-no.

I'm at 205 pounds now, which is 73 down from the original "starting weight" I was using to track my weight loss initially. In six more pounds I'll finally hit the top end of "normal" BMI, and I'll officially no longer be overweight. There's definitely still more that I should lose at that point, but it would be a great milestone to pass.

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