Sunday, June 6, 2010

Back in balance

I still buy some of the things branded by the weight management program I went on a couple years ago, 20/20 Lifestyles.  The ready-to-drink protein meal replacement shakes that they sell are actually pretty decent as far as shakes go, though I only have one or two a month.  Every time I look at one, I'm a little annoyed: on the front beneath the 20/20 Lifestyles logo is the phrase "bring your health back in balance."

I feel like they don't really understand what "20/20" means.  It's not that you have level 20 vision in your left eye and level 20 vision in your right eye and that everything's in balance.  Being 20/20 is, effectively, being "as good as other people are," which is really what the program is about anyway.  You're fat, and you want to be less fat so you're more like other people.  Achieving 20/20 vision is actually a reasonably correct metaphor, but it has nothing to do with balance.  The tagline under the logo is stupid and it bothers me when I see it.  (Also, it should really be "into balance," not "in balance," should it not?)

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