Saturday, April 3, 2010


Previously I kept my music in 192 kbps MP3 format.  A couple years ago I started ripping new music in a lossless format for maximum quality.  I also decided to start the long process of re-ripping everything into that lossless format so I'd always have a maximum-quality copy of all my music and never have to rip again.  I've got about a thousand CDs, but the process hasn't been that painful for the most part.  When I'm about to leave the computer (for work, for example), or I'm just reading Facebook or something else that doesn't require all of my computer's performance, I just pop a CD in, click Rip, and at some point later I run a little tool I made that fixes up all of my playlists that used to include the MP3 versions to now include the lossless versions.  It's easy and it takes little effort.  I won't finish anytime soon (I'm about halfway done, and I've been working on this since sometime last year), but I'm getting there.

But every once in a while, some artist is the bane of my existence, and right now, it's The Roots.  There are a few things that can make the process take five times as long as normal or worse, and they do most of them on each of their albums, of which I own seven.
  • Include guest artists that aren't credited in All Music Guide.  I have to go through and manually add peoples' names to the files.  (Example: contributing artists: The Roots; Erykah Badu; Eve of Destruction; Scott Storch.)
  • Include things that aren't letters in titles.  I have to make sure the new track's filename matches the old one or my carefully-crafted playlists won't find the new song.  (Example: "Do You Want More?!!!??!")
  • Include more than one song on a track.  I have to split this up an a separate encoder program after ripping.  (Example: on their album Phrenology, track 15 is blank, track 16 is also blank, track 17 includes both "Rhymes and Ammo" and "Thirsty," and track 18 is blank.  I want to punch someone in the face.)
I suppose I could just not be so anal-retentive about the organization of my music collection, but... no.

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Anonymous said...

I had the exact same problem sometime in 2008. I'll never forget those blank tracks.