Thursday, April 15, 2010

Extremely important, but I guess not that important

Somewhat regularly I get frantic emails from people who have used my StickyPad program to store extremely important information in their desktop sticky notes, and then decide for some reason or another to reinstall Windows without saving or backing up those notes, and then need my help recovering that data. The first time this happened, I was surprised. The second time, I was sort of humbled and a little scared that people were using my silly little app to store mission-critical stuff. Now I get emails about this every couple of weeks, all desperately looking for help recovering information that was apparently extremely important, but I guess not that important, since they didn't bother saving it.

When originally designing StickyPad, the ability to easily recover essential business information from old hard drives was not one of the features I had in mind. Based on the rough timeframe, I'm guessing that the things that were on my mind at that time included Diablo, Warcraft II, getting my learner's permit, and pictures of naked people. As it turns out, software has a way of staying around longer than originally expected.

(Oh, hey, look, it's almost time for StickyPad's "three years without getting any updates" anniversary!)

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