Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Well, gee, it seems like I haven't written one of these in like two weeks. It's not that I don't have anything to write about; it's that I haven't had much that's very interesting happen recently. On the other hand, I've got plenty of "rainy day" topics saved up, but I've been rather occupied with working on my World of Warcraft mods and then Mass Effect 2. Really the only thing that's happened recently is that I remodeled my shower.

I didn't really plan on doing it. It was sort of a last-minute remodel, which is a phrase that I don't recall ever hearing thus far in my life, to be honest. I'd suspected that there was a sizable amount of mold growing behind the tiles in my shower, and it behooved me to remove it sooner rather than later. I was beginning to suspect that it was making Jason and me ill, based on feedback from a friend with a similar problem very recently. So, I had someone come out and test my shower, and there was definitely plenty of moisture back there, and it was leaking down to the first floor.

I scheduled a demolition appointment soon after, but I only have one shower, so I needed a new one built ASAP. It turns out that, much like Rome, showers are not built in a day. This little mold problem ended up costing me $6,200 (only $850 of that is materials) and seven obnoxious days of not showering at home. (Luckily several Microsoft buildings have showers, along with the gym.) But, the new shower looks really nice and feels more luxurious, and I was planning on eventually redoing the bathroom anyway, so it's mostly just the timing that sucked. Even with my tax refund arriving around that time, I didn't have that kind of money just lying around.

It ended up costing a couple thousand more than I was planning, but I'm glad I didn't wait. I do feel a little better, whether that's due to the removal of the mold or just variance in seasonal allergies. And, it'll be paid off soon enough, and I can get back to finishing off New Car Number Two. (Now I already have a construction contractor picked out for that.)  Then maybe sometime next year I can look into fixing up my nightmare kitchen like I planned back in 2008.

Pictures of the work are on Facebook.

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