Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grand Theft Auto, day 24

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The agent "Sandra" left me a voicemail Wednesday morning.  She said that the extra money in my check was because she re-ran the mileage numbers.  B.S.  I don't buy it.  As far as I can tell, a $970 difference in a 2009 Civic is about 24,000 miles.  That story just doesn't check out—and it's awfully convenient that it happened to be almost precisely the same number that you get if you open the Excel spreadsheet I sent her, highlight the cell where I add in an adjustment for the condition of the vehicle, and press the Delete key.

But whatever, I don't care anymore.  According to, she had already closed the claim, without my permission and in contrast with her saying that she wasn't going to close it a day and a half earlier, so I called her up and said that I was fine with the claim being closed.  I was happy to be done with her.

I had several dealers to call from my previous night's exhaustive searching, and one by one they scoffed at the idea of selling me a car for less than sticker price.  All except one of the last dealers I called—a man running fleet sales at a dealership in Middle of Nowhere, Washington.  He had a car coming from Mexico in two and a half weeks that he would be willing to sell me at the Ford employee and partner pricing, which was about a $2,500 savings over what every other dealer was quoting me.  All I had to do was get there.

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Louise said...

Wow! Makes me glad I don't have Progressive anymore.