Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grand Theft Auto, day 23

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

I had received my check from Progressive, and it was for almost a thousand dollars more than I was expecting.  I wasn't going to argue, and at that point it wasn't really worth even trying to get more from them.  I got what I asked for.

I went to the credit union to deposit my check, and even that was a hassle.  Since the check was from an insurance company and for more than $5,000, they put a 5-day hold on the money.  Ugh.  It was going to be another week until I had money for a car.  I could start shopping around, but without any actual money it was going to be hard to reserve anything or otherwise be a very interesting customer.  I looked around for hours that night, and I only found a few of the car model I was hoping for in the whole of Washington and Oregon (and parts of Montana and California), and far too many of them were white, which is the only color besides red that I simply will not accept.  What few there were left were far away, and the best of them were available for no less than MSRP.  Cash for Clunkers has obliterated the local stocks of desirable cars, and the dealers have no reason to sell popular cars for anything less.  One of the local Ford dealers was pricing the Fusion four thousand dollars above MSRP, and they'll probably still sell it at that price.

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