Monday, August 10, 2009


Jason and I had a great time in Victoria, British Columbia this weekend, even if it meant getting up at 6 AM on Saturday to catch the boat.  We wandered around, explored the city, relaxed, and checked out the plants and fireworks at Butchart Gardens.  The fireworks were particularly interesting, rather unlike any fireworks show I'd seen before.  The show featured a mix of strange ground displays and more standard aerial blasts, all set to music.  It's really hard to describe, and I didn't want to bother to take photos or videos, but it was definitely worth the visit.  I took some photos at the gardens and around Victoria, but having been there once before, I mainly wanted to focus on just enjoying our time there, and I did.  I broke my own rule by not scheduling at least a day of time off work before and after the vacation, and thus I'm rather exhausted today, but we only planned things a day and a half in advance of the trip so it worked out pretty well considering.

And then I got back to Seattle last night and my car was stolen from the parking garage.  After searching the garage over and over, reporting the loss, talking to the police, and getting a $40 cab ride home, the last two and a half hours of the vacation were not as pleasant as the rest.  If you plan on taking any vacations to Victoria in the near future, I strongly recommend not having your car stolen while you're away.


Andy Misle said...

That SUCKS. You are the only person I know who has had his car stolen.

Jordan said...

Geez, yeah. Sorry to hear that, Travis. That really sucks. :-(