Saturday, August 15, 2009

No News Is Not Good News

Well, this is a situation in which No News Is Not Good News. It's been a week since my car has been stolen, and neither the police nor Progressive have any news for me. It'll be another week or slightly longer before they give up, but at this point the chances of me recovering my car are very slim. It's a shame, too; I really liked the car and it was in nearly perfect shape. But, I'm going to need to start looking into more options. I could be happy with another Civic (lightning won't strike twice, right?), or there are a couple other cars I'm interested in as well. I don't think that I'll be happy with a used car, but perhaps. I got a new car in the first place because I really like the idea of owning a car for its whole lifetime, keeping it in excellent shape, and knowing its history. I don't like buying used things because few people seem to take care of things like I do. Maybe I'll find a used one that I like, but at least I'd completely paid off the one that was stolen, so taking out another car loan is (sigh) at least an option.

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