Friday, July 3, 2009


I played Magic for the first time in many years tonight, versus my dad.  I won seven out of seven games.  He was... annoyed.

I sort of miss the game; it's still a great game, and I always loved the deckbuilding.  It just takes such a commitment to stay on top of things, and I think I can only really handle one game that requires that kind of focus and mental dedication at a time.  And, at about $14 a month, World of Warcraft isn't really any more expensive than Magic would be, and as difficult as it can be to find a group to play WoW with sometimes, it still must be easier than finding someone in person to play Magic with.


Unknown said...

Hopefully he was at least a little close, right?

Brad said...

I used to play a long time ago, then restarted when a lot of my coworkers in Nebraska played. Definitely took a lot of money and dedication, but was tons of fun. Now that I've moved to Vancouver (again) and more recently to NYC, I'm back to not playing. I feel it will be really expensive to get back involved again if I find a new group to play with.