Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Too real

I got my new TV delivered yesterday, a 55" LED LCD.  My initial impressions are that it's gorgeous, and the picture definitely looks better than I expected based on in-store observations.  Plus it's an inch and a half thick, so it looks pretty striking.  I haven't given it a good high-def test yet, but I plan to soon—I did watch the first few minutes of Quantum of Solace on it, and it was actually sort of eerie how sharp it looked.  My previous TV was 1080i and this one is 1080p, but the picture looks so much sharper and smoother than before.  Actually, it's sort of creepy how smooth the picture is compared to before (or honestly, any other TV I've watched).  Car chases are supposed to be furious and blurry, but on this TV everything was sharp and identifiable.  It looked quite unnatural: it actually looks too real to me.  I found my first Blu-ray experiences sort of strange as well, and now I love the extra picture quality, so I'm sure that this will pass over time, but for now it was a fairly unexpected consequence of upgrading to a nicer TV.

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Jordan said...

That has the weird 120Hz thing going on, right? I've never seen it myself, but all reports have said that it looks eerily real. If you turn that feature off, you might get more of what you're expecting. :-)

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