Friday, May 22, 2009

Here we go again

So, I've got a boyfriend again.  It should be easy to remember because it's the same one as last time.

Jason and I talked again tonight for quite a while, and we agreed that we are still clueless, and we were clueless when we broke up.  We value each others' friendship too much to risk it, but fear doesn't seem to me to be a valid reason to end or avoid a romantic relationship.  So, we're going to give this another shot.  In reality, we've sort of been boyfriends again for months now in everything but name and corresponding Facebook hyperlink.  But, it feels nicer to not be pretending otherwise.

For simplicity's sake I think that I'm just going to say that we've been together for eight months, with a rough emotional patch in there that lasted a few weeks and was brought on by confusion and relationship inexperience.

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