Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Love letters to Hitler

I've taken one of my work computers over to some guys on the Windows team so they can poke at it—it had a problem upgrading to the latest version of Windows 7, and they of course would like to prevent other people from running into the same problem when Windows 7 is finished.  I have this weird and unfounded fear that they're going to email me back and explain that setup failed because of all of the love letters to Hitler and midget porn videos I have on the hard drive, despite the fact that of course it's a work computer and everything on there is safe and cool.  (Note: I also have neither of those things on my home computers.)  I have no reason whatsoever to be worried about handing my PC over to them, other than perhaps a chance that they screw something up and I have to reinstall everything from scratch.

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