Thursday, April 23, 2009


I am more and more annoyed that people whose job it is to repair things will seemingly do everything they can in their power to ignore requests for estimates or anything resembling them.  I just asked a TV repairperson for an estimate of whether my TV is likely to be a "small problem" or a "big problem" and he wouldn't even give me that.  My request was just ignored, as if I hadn't said a thing.  This seems to absolutely be the norm.  No one is willing to guess at anything unless it's a big project that requires them coming out to your home to assess things.

I try to be as reasonable as possible, saying that a wild guess is fine and that I understand that the full extent of the problem can't be diagnosed without actually investigating, but it doesn't help.  (I make estimates of things for a living.  I'm still bad at it.  Everyone is.)

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Louise said...

He's worried more that he will quote you lower. Trust me, there are people out there that would turn around and say "You quoted me this price. What do you mean it is going to be more!" Asshats make it hard on us honest people.