Friday, March 6, 2009

Random thoughts on dentistry and special orders

I had a dental checkup yesterday, and I got some interesting feedback: my teeth and gums are in far better shape than they've ever been.  The hygienist and dentist both noticed my weight loss and said that it was probably due to that.  Apparently a healthier body translates to dental health as well, not that my mouth was in bad shape to begin with.

I'm back to losing weight again, down six pounds or so since a couple weeks back when I noticed that I had stalled a bit, a total of 56 pounds lost.  On Tuesday I took a dozen and a half brownies to work, and I regretted not hoarding them to myself almost immediately.  But it's probably better that I didn't, because I think I'd have eaten them all by now.  Brownies are my favorite dessert, and I don't know of any restaurant that does them as well as what you can make from a Ghirardelli box.  Plus, they always serve them warm, and I don't like warm desserts.  Brownies are best ice-cold.

Maybe the next time I order a brownie I should just ask for it to be cold.  It probably comes from a refrigerator and gets warmed up anyway.  I've already started asking for bean sprouts instead of rice when I go to a Thai restaurant.  (Pro: it's crunchy, delicious, and healthy.  Con: it's much harder to eat.)  Soon I can be one of those people who insists that every food item he gets is prepared in some special way.  I could be that guy.

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