Thursday, March 26, 2009


One worthwhile thing that I've learned in the diet portion of my regimen is what a serving of pasta is.  It's not much at all—two ounces, which is just a fistful, and not even a big one.  But as it turns out, I usually feel just fine eating such a small amount of pasta when I do have it.  Two ounces is right around the point where eating the pasta starts to become boring and repetitive, and when the plate starts with only that much on it, I don't actually really feel like eating any more by the time I'm done.  Tonight at dinner I had two ounces of pasta with six ounces of sausage and some surprisingly-acceptable organic sauce with no sugar added, and it turned out really well.  In the past I'd have had a little more than five ounces of pasta (about a third of a box) and perhaps a little less meat, with a sugary Ragu sauce, which would amount to several hundred unnecessary additional calories.  This version with more meat is one of those extraordinarily rare times where I actually like the healthier alternative better.

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Glad to hear that the weight loss plan is working for you :)