Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sore arms

Today I bench pressed 125 pounds.  It was really tough, but I managed to get two sets in (12 and 8).  It made me think of a few things.
  • Doing the bench press with a regular bar and weights is way harder than trying to do the same amount of weight on a machine.  So many more of my muscles are devoted to keeping the bar in place and stabilizing.  (On the other hand, it really requires a second person, so once I'm no longer hiring a trainer I'll need to switch to slightly-safer dumbbells or the machines.)
  • 125 pounds actually looks slightly impressive.  I'm starting to be able to lift big-boy weights now.  (Comparatively, I can't do curls with much more than the bar, so even though I'm still lifting a decent amount of weight for a curl, it looks like I'm lifting roughly nothing.)
  • I'm getting to a point where the amount of weight I'm lifting can be uncomfortable on my hands.  I'll probably need to get some of those fancy weightlifter gloves.
I've definitely come a long way though.  I can certainly feel it, and I can see it in the mirror a bit.


Travis said...

Of course, my little brother benches double that, so... not exactly impressive in the grand scheme of things. :)

Anonymous said...

When you don't have a partner to spot you, you have two options:
1. Ask one of the people standing by the towels to help.
2. Lift 5 lbs less than you did the last time someone was around to spot you.

With option 2, you only need someone when you move up to a weight you might not be able to do. Of course, if I uninjure my shoulder, I could probably spot you occassionally.