Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Over the past month or so I've taken to resolving any and all traffic conflicts in the hallways at work by taking the initiative for myself.  If someone else and I come to a corner, I move first.  If two of us arrive at a door at the same time, I go through first.  In the past, in almost all of these situations, both of us would politely wait for the other to go, and then simultaneously try to go, and then stop again to let the other one through, then laugh a little bit at our failure to resolve something so simple, and then eventually someone takes initiative.  It's obnoxious, though, because it happens so many times a day.  So I just decided that if there's a conflict and the other person doesn't start moving immediately, I will.  It's actually worked out really well so far.  I feel like I'm wasting less time, even though the amount of time saved per day is less than a minute—certainly less than the three or four minutes it will have taken to write this post.


Unknown said...

I started doing that several years ago. It really does simplify things.

Travis said...

I still feel a little rude doing it, though those feelings are melting away a little more with each passing day.