Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fifty down

As of this morning, I'm down fifty pounds from my starting weight.  Hooray me.  It's been a tough journey, but I'm starting to see the diet and exercise as "normal" now, and not some new thing that I hate.  It's a thing that I hate that's part of my routine, like flossing or brushing my teeth or doing laundry, and that makes it much easier to stomach.

My rate of weight loss has slowed a bit since starting, but not dramatically.  Part of that is simply because I've been more flexible with the diet, which was planned and expected.  I'm comfortable with this slower rate of weight loss for now, and it's actually been sort of nice as I haven't been quite as sore recently now that I'm only losing a pound or two a week.  But I'm not stopping now, and when the program officially ends in a little under two months, I don't really plan to stop there either.  There doesn't seem to be much of a point to stopping—if I've made it this far, to a point where I can actually see the benefits, I might as well finish the job and lose another twenty.  I think that losing another twenty pounds should certainly be achievable.  Anything much farther beyond that is starting to push it, I think; at twenty pounds lighter I won't have much left to lose.  My lean body mass was estimated at 205, so if that's correct, I probably can't even lose another 20—205 is 23 pounds less than what I'm at now, and 3 pounds of total fat would be unhealthily low.  But, as before, I don't have a goal in mind; I'm just going to do it, and see where it takes me.


Renata said...

I can't believe you've dropped 50 lbs! Does this alter the maneuverability of the Segway at all? Anyway, that's awesome, you go T!

Travis said...

Thanks. It definitely improves the Segway performance, though actually I haven't used it too much since I started losing weight. It's been cold, four mornings a week I go to work out before I head into the office, and that fifth day I often have appointments. :-/