Friday, February 13, 2009

Delicate diplomatic situation

One of the credit card processing companies that my credit union uses had its network compromised, and as a precaution they deactivated my card and issued me a new one several days later. The short notice was annoying, the days without a credit card were annoying, but far more annoying than those was having to go through all of my online and service accounts and update my payment information, so I don't lose phone service, cable service, World of Warcraft, website hosting, scheduled Amazon deliveries, and the like. I guess it really only took me an hour to update my top 11 accounts, but I was a very irritated Travis for that hour.

Since I was already logged into my Verizon account, I figured I'd remove my text messaging package since I'm not really using it for anything right now. Sadly, it seems that they may have discontinued my current awesome $0/month, 0-minute plan (I just pay overages for my calls); to make any changes to my service I first was required to upgrade to a new plan, which would have significantly increased my monthly bill. Saving $5 to pay $20 a month more is not a good bargain, so I guess I'll keep my text messaging plan for now. I could probably call customer service and ask them to remove the texting plan, but I decided it wasn't worth the effort or the risk of them noticing that I'm on this bizarro super-cheap plan and "upgrading" me on the spot. It's a very delicate diplomatic situation, you see; I rather like my secret phone plan.

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Jordan said...

Switch to Sprint. IM me at work if you want the details on it.