Sunday, January 4, 2009

It comes to an end

All good things must come to an end, and this vacation has been a good thing.  I'm pretty sad to go back to work; I've greatly enjoyed my time off, as I knew I would.  Unlike my usual one-week vacations, this time off has actually been pretty relaxing, ultrastress day of cancelled travel notwithstanding.  I've still got three weeks of vacation time left that rolled over from last year, thanks to me rarely taking any time off, but this is when I said my vacation would end, so I need to get back to work once more.  There is much for me to do—Office is going to need to ship a beta out to you guys at some point, after all.  (No, I am not telling you when.  Not even if you ask nicely.)

This vacation succeeded more than others in part due to the length, and in part due to me not being too ambitious.  I didn't set out to complete big projects or even get a lot done around the house.  I certainly got a lot of errands and trip preparation things done the first week, and that week wasn't very interesting.  But the next couple of weeks were pretty open, and it was liberating to not have to schedule everything or be productive or do anything, really.  I had actually planned to do more during my vacation, but I skipped out on many of those tasks.  I just wanted to spend time playing games (World of Warcraft, Red Alert 3, board games), and I accomplished that.  I spent more time playing WoW than I really expected to, but WoW is a game that rewards taking advantage of opportunities, and with a lot of my in-game friends also around more than usual, there were a lot of opportunities to take advantage of.  Once I get back into my normal schedule, and I can't do those sorts of WoW things as easily, I can focus on those other games that I really want to play.

But anyway, I'm feeling really good.  My stress level is very noticeably lower, and though it's going to jump up over the next couple of days, I am certainly relaxed.  Traveling to places is not my idea of a relaxing vacation—a potentially interesting one, sure, but not particularly relaxing—and that's what I really needed this time.  Maybe next vacation I'll go somewhere.  I'll be taking a couple weeks off in June-July to go back to Nebraska anyway.  There is still much of Washington that I need to explore, let alone the rest of the country and world.


Anonymous said...

How can I be part of the beta testing?

Travis said...

Mmm, I'm not sure yet. Beta 1 may be limited release; I think it was last version, at least. I think beta 2 was pretty easy to get your hands on. I'll know more when it's out there or about to be.