Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hairstylist wisdom

Today when I got my hair cut, the grey-haired stylist asked me what my plans for the day were, and I told her that I just finished my workout, and then after the haircut I was going to a birthday party.  She asked how long it would last, and I told her that like any party, if there were a lot of people I liked, I'd stay a long time, and if there were a lot of people I didn't like, I'd probably go home soon.  She said that's not how it works.  There are no people you don't like at parties, only people you aren't drinking enough to like yet.

[To avoid offending those whose parties I have attended and will attend in the future, my decision matrix is a little more complicated than that.]


Jordan said...

She has a point, you know. ;-)

nyomi said...

If you have to drink "enough" to like people and want to hang out... get out of there fast :)

I have a feeling I'd probably agree with your decision matrix.