Monday, December 22, 2008


Well, I'm not going to be heading back to Nebraska this year after all.  There's about a foot of snow here, and buses aren't running, taxis aren't running, and I couldn't even make it out of my street, let alone complete the trip to the airport.  I guess my annoyance at United over the past couple hours has been a little misplaced.  Technically, I guess they didn't really have to do anything.  They're still making my original flight—there's just no way for me to get there.  Instead, due to the winter storms they're waiving the fees for itinerary changes.  The next flight they could get me on would have been the 26th for a return trip on the 28th, and $700 for a one-day stop is not really worth it.  So, I'm heading back for the Fourth of July weekend, and I'll be staying here in Washington for Christmas.

I guess I was just really annoyed at the situation in general, and the easiest target was the company I paid a ton of money to get me to Nebraska, but it's not their fault.  An hour ago I was quite angry at them for really no reason at all.


Anonymous said...


This winter weather has been really a pain in the ass. We were snowed in for more than a couple days and I missed 2 days of work because of it. If the hill over by our place ices over, I am sure it will mean a couple more days of being stuck at home. *grumble*

It doesn't help most of the roads are a mess if you do manage to get out.

If you want to hang out - drop us a line. We are still around.

Travis said...

Yeah, I imagine you guys are even more screwed when it's icy. If I can't go up 40th I can at least take the really long way up the hill, which I did last week.

I think that as of today I might not be stuck at home anymore. I'll see tomorrow...