Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sleepless in the Seattle Metro Area music awards 2008: mostly dubious honors

And now, the "special" awards:

Most disappointingly overhyped album:
Feist—The Reminder

Most obnoxious yet catchy album:
Gwen Stefani—The Sweet Escape

Most annoying song:
Mouse on Mars—Spaceship

Worst album (at least it's free):
Nine Inch Nails—The Slip

Album that cost the most to import:
Quarashi—Guerilla Disco

Best music video for a song in my top 25:
Muse—Knights of Cydonia

Worst music video for a song in my top 25:
Hello Stranger—Take It to the Maxx

Only song to have a pornographic alternate version of the song's music video:
N.E.R.D.—Lapdance (highly NSFW; search for this yourself)

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