Sunday, December 21, 2008


In the past fifteen months, I've bought albums containing 711 new songs (including albums bought online, not including bonus content like demos), totaling about 49 hours of music.  I thought maybe I'd listen to all of it again from start to finish while I'm in Nebraska.  Now that I see what's ahead of me, this seems somewhat less practical than I expected.  Perhaps I'll just focus on the best of the best.

As a recap, I rated all of the following CDs 9/10:

Alanis Morrissette—Flavors of Entanglement
Hello Stranger—Hello Stranger
Kanye West—808s and Heartbreak
Kerli—Love Is Dead
Morcheeba—The Antidote
Morcheeba—Dive Deep
Muse—Black Holes and Revelations
OneRepublic—Dreaming Out Loud
Snow Patrol—A Hundred Million Suns

And I rated all of these 8/10:

Bear McCreary—Battlestar Galactica seasons 1, 2, and 3
Cyril Morin—Western Pansori
Hooverphonic—The President of the LSD Golf Club
Hybrid Tango (Tanghetto)—Hybrid Tango
Mute Math—Mute Math
Quarashi—Guerilla Disco
Rob Dougan—Furious Angels
Sia—Some People Have Real Problems
Vanessa Carlton—Heroes and Thieves

I couldn't bring myself to say any particular album was a perfect 10, but some of those nines are pretty close.  Maybe I'll change my mind over the next week.

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