Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I got my house wired for Ethernet today.  Yay!  I now have a direct wired connection between both PCs, my Xbox, and my PlayStation, which should give me vastly better performance than I was getting over wireless, and allow me to stream high-def stuff like a real nerd.  I've been wanting to get this done for a year now and finally got around to having someone over.  The original estimates I got were all around $400 and this guy only charged $115, which seemed like a deal.  If only I'd just paid him from the start, I wouldn't have drilled a hole through the wall into my stairwell, which would have made the $115 an absolute steal, since now my next step is to go buy a bunch of drywall repair materials.

Now I've got two ten-foot strands of CAT-6 Ethernet cable—raw, without the ends.  My current plans are to keep these around for several years until I lose them because I can't bear to throw things away.  It's in my blood.


Andy Misle said...

You could use it as an excuse to buy a crimp tool and some ends. Less than $20 total from Amazon. Probably just slightly more from your local home improvement store. You can't buy two Cat6 patch cables for that much in most places, I'd assume.

Travis said...

I got mine for about $4.50 from the same place that I got the jacks and other equipment, I have not yet had a strong enough nerdlust to buy my own Ethernet cord creation tools.

Travis said...

($4.50 each, not total.)