Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Increased speed / decreased speed

After about five weeks of driving to work every day (mostly due to morning workouts), I finally had an opportunity to ride my Segway to work today.  It was a really nice feeling; I miss being able to use it more.  This was my first time riding it under the rider maximum weight limit, actually, and it felt a little different.  Maybe it was just a bit more responsive, maybe it was a little faster, or maybe I just wasn't used to it so everything felt new, but it did feel a bit different than before, somehow.  The only truly obvious difference was that it didn't really slow down when going up the fairly steep hill on the way to my office; in the past, it slowed down to about half speed toward the end.  I didn't seem to use up as much battery power this time, either.  35 pounds makes a lot of difference to a Segway.

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