Monday, November 24, 2008

Test music

It seems likely that a lot of people who enjoy listening to music probably have a favorite song that they use as their first test track when presented with a new set of speakers, headphones, or other piece of equipment.  Mine is Good Luck by Basement Jaxx.  It's a fast, crazy song with a lot of bass and a lot of high notes, and strong vocals—it covers a lot of bases and makes a good test track.  I remember purchasing the album at Best Buy, opening the CD on the way home, and being consumed with joy just a few seconds after pressing play.  I've enjoyed using it as my quintessential test ever since.

Anyone else have a favorite test song?


Andy Misle said...

LOL. I thought I was the only one!

Axel F (the Beverly Hills Cop theme song), particularly about 22 seconds in with the "whoosh."

Matthew Johnson said...

Mine is "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service. It probably doesn't cover the bass that well, but I've never been much of a bass-lover anyway.

Andy Rutledge said...

"One" by Metallica. Loud, rapid bass drum interlude before the guitar solo. It blew out the speakers on my first car.