Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I lied


In my recent post that touched on "emotional eating," I noticed that I said that I don't eat in front of the computer.  That is absolutely false, and I wasn't thinking when I said it.  A lot of my meals are in front of the computer.  What I meant is that I don't idly snack and consume in front of the computer.  Generally, I will take my dinner to the computer, eat it while browsing Facebook or getting ready to start playing a game, or something like that.  But those are full, intentional meals: it was food I would have eaten anyway.  That's the key difference.

My other option would be to watch it in front of the TV, which sounds approximately as "bad" and less appealing, or eating it at the empty kitchen table, which always seems like it would make me feel lonely.  I don't actually like sitting at the kitchen table by myself unless there's a lot of stuff on the table (like, for example, pieces of a new board game I've just purchased and am trying to learn).  A kitchen table should be covered in things and surrounded by people.  When it's just me and a small bowl or plate, I think that would make me kind of sad.

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