Monday, November 17, 2008

The big three-oh

Today was another milestone: I've now dropped thirty pounds since starting my little adventure.  The pounds are coming off more slowly now, and while the diet is a bit more lax, the workouts are getting tougher.  I'm able to sustain much more strenuous workout sessions than when I started, and the parts of my body that hurt after a workout have changed quite a bit.  When I started, doing 25-30 minutes of cardio would leave my entire body sore, and me a little short of breath (though not really that bad).  This past Saturday, I did 50 minutes on the treadmill, which is way harder than the elliptical machine that I usually focus on, and I was still quite tired at the end, but mostly only sore in my knees and the rest of my legs.  I'm still nowhere near that B.S. nonsense that people give where workouts "energize" them or make them "feel better," though, and I don't expect to ever get there.  My physician says that about one in ten or twenty of his clients say that they never get to a point where working out releases endorphins and makes them feel good, and if I haven't felt that by now, I must be one of those very unlucky few.  I guess that's why I took a desk job.

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