Saturday, October 4, 2008

Weekend two

As far as the weight loss is going, this has been a slow week.  Getting to eat vegetables has been fantastic for preventing the hunger I was experiencing last week, and I've been exploring other options to replace the horrid protein shakes—soy nuts, premixed shakes (unfortunately with whey), protein bars, and the like.  This has made things a bit easier.  Unfortunately, this week I'm only down a pound so far, despite my calorie intake being relatively constant and the workouts being more intense.  It's unrealistic to expect me to lose another 8 after switching from liquid meals to solid food, but the downside of having such a big drop last week is that it doesn't give me much wiggle room this week for making visible progress.  I'm guessing that by Monday's dietitian appointment I'll be down a total of 2.  3 would be lucky.

On the upside, I've begun to feel a little bit of change in my health level and weight.  I do feel a little generically "healthier," even though I'm still tired and sore and occasionally hungry.  I have to wear a belt pretty much all the time now; I could get by without one on certain pairs of pants before, but now everything's noticeably looser.  That's encouraging, even if the numbers don't agree.

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