Monday, October 13, 2008

Week four

Week four of my mystical weight loss journey has begun, and the big change this week is the reintroduction of fruits into my diet (other than the berries I was already allowed to have).  This is a very welcome addition; I've been longing for sugar, and even though I still can't have a lot of it, being able to have fruit with meals or snacks will help satisfy those carbohydrate cravings.  Last week I went down another couple pounds by the end, which isn't a fast decline, but worse things could happen.  I'm down 16 pounds since starting all of this, which is nice, though I wonder where exactly all that is coming from.  I feel unquantifiably lighter.  I think that my face looks a little different, but in general I can't really tell.  I've definitely increased my strength and overall fitness across these past weeks—I'm able to lift a bit more than when I started, and I'm learning to be better about "powering through" the pain and stressing my body.

At first I was really skeptical of having three life changes all at once—a boyfriend, strenuous exercise, and a bizarre diet—but I seem to be handling things okay.  My guy's perfectly cool with it all, and it's all been pretty positive this far.

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