Friday, October 24, 2008

Week five, coming to a close

Week 5 (of 24) of my fitness program is drawing to a close.  I'm still right around at 20 pounds down from my pre-program starting weight—for the past few weeks I've only noticed actual weight loss on the weekends.  My official numbers taken today put me at 18 pounds under my starting weight, which doesn't take into account the four or five I lost before the actual beginning of week 1.

Today was my five-week assessment to see how I've improved, and I've made some really good progress, if I do say so myself.  In addition to the weight loss, my waist is apparently down five and a half inches!  Like any normal guy, I don't actually wear my pants at my waist, so I never really noticed, but that's certainly a significant amount.  My other measurements are shaping up nicely, though I don't have numbers.  The amount of weight that I can handle has increased pretty dramatically as well.  On average, I've doubled the weight I can do on each machine; some more, some less.  On the leg press I did a ridiculous 820 pounds (!) today, though the trainer cautioned me that when we start on free weights next week, I won't get anywhere near that.  Sometime during my senior year in college was probably the time in my life where I felt like I was in the "best shape" (whatever that nebulous idea is supposed to be), and I could do 495 with about as much effort as I spent pushing 820 today.  I don't know for sure if the machines were similar enough for those numbers to be comparable, but it's a nice little feeling regardless.

Nineteen weeks to go.  Some length of time less than that until I get to eat bread occasionally again.  That's sort of my interim goal now.  The cravings for "bad" foods are so incredibly strong now.  They've been saying all along that they'll go down, and within a week or two the cravings would go away, but they're totally wrong on that.  I want bread and sugar more than I have ever wanted them in my life right now.  I actually think about sugar and bread while I'm eating now and how much I want them.  I don't know if I've ever done that before.  I hope this doesn't get more severe.

Somewhat coincidentally, Jason and I have been dating for a month now. Yay! That's less of an accomplishment, though. Exercise and dieting sucks and I hate it. Jason is really easy to like.

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